“F R A G M E N T S” – welcome to this world!

Like we always wanted to point out: YES, BABY! HERE IT IS!

F R A G M E N T S is finally online worldwide and in our stores and everywhere on the rest of the internet because of some leaks in one or all of the distribution systems we used to bring the album to you guys! But it doesn’t matter because YOU can hear it now. We’re so excited about what you have to say to the music on that piece of 1.2 millimeters thick 15-20 grams heavy polycarbonate plastic. Please share your thoughts. Yes, baby!

Well. We will kick off some live dates soon and try to focus on booking some shows now. We teamed up with “nancy breathing”, “Abnormal End” and “In Arcane” to organize four one of a kind shows called the “Unity Festival Tour”. We’ll be heading to Aachen, Recklinghausen, Essen and probably somewhere near Krefeld, all located in germany. Yes, baby – again.

Finally we want to share the LINKS how you can support our CD by simply buying it. Here they are:
bndcmp: http://hasteblood.bandcamp.com/
azn: http://amzn.to/1cQWyKC
iTns: http://bit.ly/1bb5vPp
sptfy: http://spoti.fi/1dPm5ru

Logo-List of all shops we’re in:

Album-Playlist and Pre-Mix-Snippet for “THE END”

“Moin” people,

As we approach THE END of our recording sessions, we managed to export a pre-mix version of one of our songs named “THE END”. It will be one of nine tracks appearing on our upcoming album. Here is the second part of the first verse and the full chorus fro your listening pleasure.

And here is the FULL PLAYLIST for our upcoming album:

01. #
02. Enemies
03. I am crossing
04. delete/erase
05. 3 A.M.
06. Hope for redemption
07. In silence
08. The end
09. Golden Days
10. Reflexion

We hope you enjoy the snippet and getcha groove on already. Pre-ordering will be availiable from september until the release date which will be somewhen in december/january. We will get back to you when we know how we want to get pre-ordering done. We think about a crowdfunding project to make the CD a real thing an not only a download via bandcamp like our other releases.

Get our previous recordings here: