“F R A G M E N T S” is coming this winter!

Hello people,

Here it is. Just for you and only for you. Our Album coverartwork, created by our vocalist Stefan. The title of our upcoming album will be “F R A G M E N T S”! We’re stoked to tell you that it will have 9 tracks and an intro! We’ll keep you informed about pre-ordering the CD.


Download the wallpaper here: Wallpaper “F R A G M E N T S”
Download the Facebook-Title-Picture here: Title-Picture “F R A G M E N T S”

Sound-Snippet “THE END” taken from “F R A G M E N T S”

And here is the FULL PLAYLIST for “F R A G M E N T S”

01. Fragments (Intro)
02. Enemies
03. I am crossing
04. delete/erase
05. 3 A.M.
06. Hope for redemption
07. In silence
08. The end
09. Golden Days
10. Reflexion

We hope you enjoy the snippet and bang your heads to our old recordings until the fragments will hit you hard! Tel us what you think of the artwork and stuff on facebook!

Get our previous recordings here:


Song Titles.

Hey Folks,

As we approach the last vocal recordings with only three tracks left for growling pleasures, we slowly introduce you to our song-titles via facebook. If you pay attention very well you may have the chance to grasp a view on the album playlist and track numbers.

Also we are planning to record a new video for the upcoming release. It will be done for 3 A.M. with the help of our beloved director Kai E. Bogatzki. Hopefully it will turn out as well as the video for “Hope for Redemption” which will get a new and better soundtrack when our album is done. Just visit our youtube and facebook channels to stay informed about everything else regarding the album. We’re working on a new video blog, but it’s f’cking hard to edit all the content we film everyday we are in the studio. Some of the mess you DON’T need to see. Haha. 😉

And if you are thinking how the CD will look like… soon your eyes will SEE.


Album 2013

Hello folks,

as you perhaps may know, we are working on our next album. It will be released 2013 and probably will kill your ears. As we approach the last vocal recordings and final touches, we also are designing and reconfiguring ourselfes as a band. The album will be by far the best you’ve ever heard from us. With its release we want to show you who HASTEBLOOD really are. A band full of nerdy people who create metal music, trying to put out some great songs and get along with everyone who loves a good metal tune. Get in contact. We love to make new friends and meet underground bands from all around the world.

We fly below the radar. We’re HASTEBLOOD.

Redording Bass: